Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Ghost of Galera

I was on my second day out-of-town trip with Karch, her boyfriend Jet and his four other friends in Puerto Galera when I had the creepiest experience of my life.

After a very long island hopping, I went ahead of them to Room 202 at Bangera Inn at the far end of White Beach. I don't want to fall in line for the shower. I need to rinse off the sand because I had to meet two other friends who happened to be on the same island that weekend.

While I was showering, naked and all, something touched my right shoulder. I swear I felt something as rough and yet as gentle as a face towel fell on my shoulder from the ceiling with force enough to make me take a step backwards.

I shrieked because (well, aside from the fact that that's what girls do) I initially thought a big cockroach (the kind of what Paolo used to get me Punk'd earlier) fell on me. When I saw nothing on the bathroom floor, that gave me the effing creeps.

Quite disoriented, I continued bathing when, after 30 seconds or so, a similar but stronger force pushed me again on the same spot I had to curse a crisp (sorry for a very foul language coming up) Putang Ina! out of fear.

It seems very funny now that I instinctively thought of cursing instead of praying when my subconscious fear of ghosts took the better of me. But I remember my uncle telling that ghosts can be intimidated by strong personality. So there. That's what I stupidly did.

After a very very quick rinse, I wore the same bikini and put on a dress because that was the fastest thing for me to do to get out of the room when the Pao, Miko, Bam, and Ivin came knocking at the door.

They were more than welcome to come so that I can tell them what went down. Of course, they thought I was kidding but that is the least thing I should worry about. Okay na yung may kasama ako and I tailed them like a dog sa sobrang takot ko until we reached Manalo's.

After reliving it to Toffee and Tim, I found myself unable to speak. I felt (for the lack of a better term) violated thinking: What did I ever do for that poor spirit to wanna hurt me... physically?

Kaya ngayon, praning na ko with the slightest touch.

Rio Ribaya

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